Tom Jones (variant)

Typically the Tom Jones is tied with wallaby fur for the wing, but I reckon subbing it with rabbit fur might give it a bit more zing.  Here’s my version :-
Size 14 nymph hook
6/0 black thread
Black hackle fibres for tail
4 wraps of 0.15 lead (or lead free sub)
Fine copper wire
Fish scale tape
Olive super possum
Olive rabbit


  1. Mount hook in vise – debarbed or not per preference or location
  2. Wrap four turns of lead wire 2-3mm from the eye
  3. Start your thread, trapping the lead in place and then wrap down to in line with the point
  4. Tear off and stack a small bunch of hackle fibres for the tail
  5. Tie in the tail, length 1/3 to 1/2 shank length according to taste
  6. Tie in your copper wire in-line with the start of the tail
  7. Tie in the fish scale tape at the bottom of the shank
  8. Dub in a small amount of dubbing from the tail to be inline with the point
  9. Cut/tear of a small hank (slightly larger than a match head) of rabbit from the hide, and cut/remove the underfur (usually keep the leftovers to turn into more dubbing later)
  10. Tie the rabbit to the top of the hook facing back towards the tail – length about same as tail
  11. Dub over the butt ends, same length as step 8
  12. Cut/tear of another small hank of rabbit from the hide and tie in per step 10, maybe a mm or two longer
  13. Dub to the end of lead/start of the head area
  14. Pull the fish scale to the head area and tie off
  15. Carefully wrap the wire up, with out running it through the rabbit
  16. Tie a neat head and you’re done.