Fiery Brown and Black Beetle

Another fly from the latest swap.   On a roll!

Fiery Brown and Black Beetle


Size 14 hook

Black thread (I used 6/0)

Fine gauge copper

Crow feather fibres (I also used deer hair, but the feathers have a much more beetle like texture)

Fiery Brown dubbing – I mixed this batch up in my coffee grinder (permanently nicked from the kitchen) with a mixture of brown super possum and some hot orange nymph lifecycle.   Seals fur is the norm if you can get it.


The Tie

  1. Start your thread – I usually leave a bit of a gap at the eye as I tend to crowd it otherwise…   Wind on a little past the bend, and come back halfway.  The idea is to leave a bit of a tag.
  2. Tie in your wire ribbing, don’t forget to leave a bit of a tag.
  3. Tie in half a dozen of so crow feather fibres by the ends – adjust amount as required for larger hooks or according to taste.
  4. Dub on your body – aim for a bit of a bulge in the middle.  Stop when the thread stops (remember, you left a gap for visual cue didn’t you?)
  5. Wind your ribbing wire forward, tie it off and trim/break off the tag.
  6. Carefully pull the crow forward to the eye – you’re trying to keep them parallel to each other.
  7. Tie it off – I usually start a little back from the eye, wind forward to the eye to trap it, then fold the ends back, wind back a couple of turns and then trim what’s left.
  8. Whip finish.




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